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Marble is able to make any interior or exterior environment unique, durable, valuable and designer. Stone is versatile and easily adapts to various styles, from rustic to modern or contemporary.

Natural stones are rocks that according to their geological genetic origin can be classified in petrography into Sedimentary, Metamorphic or Magmatic. Commercially, the various types of natural stones are classified into:

MARBLE – compact rocks of a carbonate, polishable nature. Subdivisions of marble are compact fine-grained limestone (such as Botticino, Biancone, Asiago Red …) or marble with crystalline mass (such as Carrara White , Bardiglio, veined Statuario and Portugal Pink).

TRAVERTINE – rocks characterised by cavities, compact, polishable. Travertine is subdivided into ‘plain travertine’ (Travertino Romano Classico, Travertino Noce) and ‘mountain travertine’ (Travertino San Peter and Scabas).

STONES – compact or porous rocks that cannot be polished (among stones one can distinguish volcanic – lava stones, sandstones, slate, quartzites, porphyry).

GRANITES – resistant rocks of a silicate nature, polishable. Characteristic of granite is its crystal structure, called grains, although in some it is less evident, such as Absolute Black Zimbabwe and Azul Macaubas.

PRECIOUS STONES – particularly valuable marbles include onyx.
There are many types of marble, many Italian and many foreign, and each shade and nuance gives an original and refined touch to the natural stone cladding.
Different colours, hardness, shades and characteristics, each of these marbles has its own story to tell, its own value and beauty, which in the SENINI STONE collections are enhanced to meet the different needs and style of your home.

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