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Quality - Quality and professionalism in customer service

The management of the production process, from the choice of the blocks, directly in the quarry, the care in the realization of finishing, allows to obtain the SENINI STONE' products QUALITY.
One of the most important technical characteristics of the SENINI STONE materials is that the tiles are squared and ground single work, the high accuracy of the dimensional features allows systems to lay small joints, ensuring appreciable results for the current trends.

SENINI STONE offers quick answers, short production times and punctuality to customer service. SENINI STONE offers on request various SERVICES for customers from the planning to the execution of the project. We assist designers, operators and customers with information and the tools needed during the course of delivery and project realisation.

SENINI STONE offers the following services:

  • Advice and support in the choice of the best materials for the project’s type;
  • Design of products that meet the need and taste of the client.
  • Technical relief;
  • Executive and drafting of specifications by a professional;
  • Final design of special creations (CNC or waterjet);
  • Masterpieces created by professionals of the stone;
  • Assistance in looking for the best product for the relationship between quality and price;
  • Organization of logistics and transport deliveries;
  • Drawings for assembly;
  • Assistance or direction to installation by qualified personnel;
  • Supply materials for laying, treatment and maintenance.

    Thanks to a commercial network, active from several years in Italy and all around the world, the SENINI STONE products are appreciated and worldwide.

    The products SENINI STONE are 100% natural, living materials that "breathe", giving welfare to people who live there. Our goal: your satisfaction.
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    Biocompatibility and sustainability of marble, travertine, stone
    The biocompatibility of a material is its being in harmony with the environment. It is the characteristic of materials that not pollute it. The biocompatible materials are the natural materials.

    The raw material is extracted from quarries of limestone, sandstone and / or crystalline. The SENINI STONE materials, used for floor and wall, consisting in calcium carbonate exclusively. Our products do not contain bad substances for animals or humans. The waste process is endless.

    Partly SENINI STONE reuses waste in the production cycle, where it is possible, while the remaining part goes to companies that will recover it fully, by using the endless waste as raw material for their production.

    Our cycle sawing also has a closed-cycle plant of industrial water purification with the reuse of all the clarified water, and a water treatment plant that produces mud filter press, which is reused with the other processing residues.

    A floor or natural stone cladding is able to bring the perfect harmony of the natural environment within the building.

    Our Plus

    360° Consulting

    We deal in 360 ° the supply of materials for the installation, treatment and maintenance

    The management of the entire production process from the installation part by the choice of the blocks directly in the quarry, the care in the realization of manufactured, that will produce an excellent quality of all SENINI STONE products.

    Thanks to the squared and ground monocaliber and the high accuracy of the dimensional characteristics tiles are realized, then, laying systems with small joints, ensuring aesthetic appreciable results for the current trends.