Apr 20, 2017 | News

It is with great pleasure that we share the news of the birth of the Rodolfo Vantini Sculpture Modelling Design Academy, the academic course that has the lofty objective of reuniting the art of sculpture, modelling and design in a unique educational offer that encompasses the knowledge of the arts and transmits the know-how.

The academy, thanks to its didactic path of excellence and the very high quality of its teaching staff, will award its students a diploma that encompasses the perfecting and combining of high-tech knowledge with the more traditional arts.

The aim is to combine the needs of an industrial world with the skills and creativity of the traditional arts, for the relaunch of a sector – the stone sector in Brescia – and the definition of new wealth for Brescia and its inhabitants.

The course takes the form of a Three-Year Academic Course aimed at perfecting the arts of working Botticino marble, through courses such as:

Figurative Art, Contemporary Art, Technology, Robotics, Digital Modelling, Foundry Elements, History of Art, Aesthetics, Design.

Teachers include: Giuseppe Bergomi, Livio Scarpella, Gianpietro Moretti, Ivan Confortini, Deianira Amico, Luca Farulli, Gabriele Maccaboni, Stefano Margutti, Tiziana Arici.

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