Dec 23, 2015 | News, News

Specialists in the TUMBLED finish in large sizes, we are pleased to offer our customers Botticino marble from Brescia, Italian Travertine and sardinian Breccia in the OPUS ROMANUM MODULE 20 CM composition where the 40×60 and 40×40 sizes take centre stage, in line with current trends. 

OPUS ROMANUM is a multi-size laying pattern: several formats, generally 3 or 4, make up the design and can be 15 cm module (15×15 – 15×30.5 – 30.5×30.5 – 30.5×45.7) or 20 cm (20×20 – 20×40 – 40x 40 – 40×60). Opus Romanum SENINI STONE is the highest expression of our Antiqued Marble, available in Tumbled, Domus and patinated finishes as well.

The final result of a floor or wall covering not only depends on the preference of colour (light, dark, coloured, homogeneous or veined) and finish (Tumbled, Pattinated / Brushed, Rustic) on the surface to be created in the indoor or outdoor environment, but also on the choice of laying pattern. The same marble, travertine or stone gives different end results depending on the laying pattern chosen.