Mar 13, 2018 | News, News

Natural stone slabs, tiles, brushed to recall the surface of marble softened and hollowed out by trampling and use, which on natural stone gives added value. Yes, that’s right, a marble floor with the passage of time instead of losing beauty, acquires charm and is enhanced, conveying at first glance its being a noble material. Ancient floor tiles polished by time and use are reproduced by surface processing in PATINATED SENINI STONE. Tiles with a slightly undulating surface, where the natural veining of the stone is highlighted, creating a velvety effect with translucent reflections. PATINATED SENINI STONE is an elegant solution for interiors and easy maintenance. SENINI brushed stone is reproduced in a modern key by cutting large formats. Nell’immagine: scacco di Rosso Asiago 60 x 60 e Biancone 60×60 spessore 2 cm.