Nov 24, 2018 | News

A professional training event was held yesterday 22 November in Milan on the theme of “CONTINUOUS SURFACES” organised by IN LAB showroon in via Albricci 9 – MILAN.

MARBLE, a continuous surface par excellence in the possibility of polishing on site for a unique floor without interruptions in which the material used is in real continuity from its origin, produced by “mother nature”, and by SENINI STONE selected, cut and processed for different needs.

Natural stone as an all-round continuous surface:

  • possibility of using the same product for both floor and wall covering for a continuous effect between vertical and horizontal walls;
  • continuity in volumes with washbasins and tops that take shape from the wall itself, in a permanence of texture and colour;
  • harmony and overall study of the project in which natural stone as a “casting” is used to cover floors, stairs, thresholds, wall tiles, showers and kitchens;
  • use of the same material also for outdoor while meeting different requirements with personality and effectiveness, thanks to the different surface treatments (Tumbled, Hammered, …) and formats.
  • continuity of laying geometry thanks to the Palladina (Opus Incertum) and Multi-sisez (Opus Romanum and running laying) models.
    Persistence of life thanks to these splendid materials that “breathe” and allow us to stay in contact with Nature.