Why choosing made in italy marble and travertine floor and wall tiles?

Marble and travertine are two natural stones that are very popular for interior furnishing. Both are characterised by their unique beauty and great durability, choosing Made in Italy products guarantees even greater quality and style.

Firstly, Made in Italy marble and travertine are known for their exceptional quality. The stone is quarried and processed by highly qualified professionals using state-of-art techniques and technologies. Moreover, the selection of travertine blocks is very strict, ensuring that only the most beautiful and durable pieces are used for trasformation process.

Secondly, Italian marble and travertine are available in a multitude of colours and textures, allowing for a wide variety of styles for the house. White marbles like Botticino, Carrara or Biancone are a timeless classic that can be used to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, while warm and ivory tones of Travertine are suitable into any type of living décor and design.

The durability and quality of marble and travertine coverings

Made in Italy marble and travertine are very durable and long-lasting. Stone is naturally resistant to wear and abrasion, which means that marble and travertine floor and wall tiles retain their beauty over time.

Choosing this type of wall and floor covering material to furnish your house means to sort a unique product, handmade by Italian craftsmen, who have inherited their skills from past generations. It is an exceptional choice for furnishing your enviroment, offering a unique combination of beauty, durability, ecology and Italian style.