Marble for the kitchen: the reasons to choose it

Marble is a popular material for kitchen furniture. Elegant, minimal, it increases a perception of luxury and is easy to maintain.

The unique and unrepeatable beauty of each slab makes marble a great protagonist in the kitchen. It can be used as a worktop or to define vertical portions of the room, thanks to its ability to add brightness to rooms.

Those who choose marble for the kitchen know that they can play on contrasts and adapt this material in many combinations, from the luxurious to the more rustic: smooth and rough, bright colours and black, marble and lacquer. You can choose to polish the marble to bring out every nuance or leave it more matt to give it a more contemporary touch. Marble in the kitchen looks great with lacquered furniture surfaces and also goes perfectly with wood and raw concrete.

Architects, planners and interior design specialists recommend marble for furnishing the kitchen because of its sophisticated and elegant characteristics. Timeless elegance and refinement are undoubtedly the hallmarks of marble kitchens. Ideal and versatile for every type of environment, marble kitchen tops can be a source of inspiration for those who want to keep up with current trends.

In the kitchen, a natural stone such as marble takes centre stage. It can be used to create more space, especially if white or very light marble is used, or it can help to play down the limited square footage.

Marble in the kitchen never goes out of fashion, as it is a very practical and hygienic material for food processing.