Boiserie for bathrooms: elegance and practicality with marble and travertine

“Boiserie” is a French decorative technique, used throughout Europe since the 18th century, which consists of furnishing and covering the walls of homes with a series of panels enriched with frames and decorations.

Today, boiserie is still very much in vogue and is also an excellent solution for furnishing the bathroom. The materials to be chosen must be particularly resistant to moisture and wear, such as travertine, a porous, porphyritic sedimentary rock.

For the bathroom, a room that is often not very spacious and requires elegant yet space-saving furniture, marble is another excellent choice. This natural stone, especially in its light-coloured variant, is extremely durable and at the same time guarantees a remarkable aesthetic impact.

The bathroom, in fact, is a room that needs specially designed furniture that does not make the room too heavy and streamlines it in some way. With a marble or travertine boiserie, the bathroom immediately takes on an elegant and refined look without sacrificing practicality. Indeed, boiserie allows the walls to be enriched without cluttering up the space too much.

Furthermore, choosing natural materials such as marble and travertine for bathroom panelling guarantees a unique and long-lasting expense without replacing panelling too frequently.

All in all, bathroom panelling represents a true furnishing solution for those who want to reconcile practicality and aesthetics, creating a unique and elegant space that is truly unparalleled.