Travertine multi-size brushed free lengths

TRAVERTINO FREEDOM “free to put it anywhere”

Ideal for indoors: entrance hall, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office … as well as outdoors such as porches, terraces or balconies. Multi-size Italian travertine floor with a free length is characterised by the plank effect where the new effect transcends the fashions of a floor that is always pleasant, young and valuable. The cut of CROSS CUT TRAVERTINE, parallel to the layering planes, also known as ‘cut in layer’, gives the travertine a homogeneous, sometimes cloudy effect. Natural modern style of Travertine in lightly brushed finish SENINI STONE. Marmette with a satin surface, creating a velvety effect with translucent matt reflections. SENINI STONE PATINATED is a contemporary solution for interiors and easy maintenance. The trimmed edges accentuate its minimalist, continuous style.

Natural stone floor and wall tiles find application in the design of indoor and outdoor residential and commercial spaces with true and unique materiality.

We are often asked what is the difference between marble and travertine, the main difference between marble and travertine is their texture and shine, the classification varies according to the point of view whether geological or merceological. At floor and workmanship level, marble has a smoother and shiny finish, while travertine has a porous and irregular texture that gives it a rustic and natural look. For more information about TRAVERTINO FREEDOM flooring and coverings visit the SHOP page or contact us at +39 3351339258