Travertine bathroom

Travertine floor and wall tiles
Marble size 1 cm thick and/or customised formats on request.
Travertine cut on the reverse side for a homogeneous clouded effect.
Travertine cut on the reverse side to emphasise the layers of the stone.
PATINATED finish (brushed) or POLISHED finish (polished or matt).

Travertine, in Patinated or Tumbled finishes depending on your preferred style, can be the perfect choice for vertical/horizontal wall coverings in bathrooms, corridors, kitchens, etc. because it highlights any space thanks to its beautiful colours (cream and butter).
Depending on the design concept, the classic travertine formats (30. 5×91. 5 cm or 40×40 cm, 30. 5×61 cm and 30. 5×30. 5 cm) can work perfectly in projects of bathrooms, kitchens or corridors, but can also be used in projects of exterior cladding. For custom Tailor Made luxury projects, the travertine can be cut to size and laid on a rack. We are often asked how much travertine costs per square metre, the answer is not unambiguous, but depends on many factors, the main ones are the type of Travertine (Classic, Walnut, Navona, Alabastrine, Grey . . . ), the finish, the size, the thickness and the quantity required.

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