Striated Travertine In&Out

A prestigious solution for indoor and outdoor use with a contemporary style, where continuity between rooms is the result of careful design of the cladding surfaces. Whether it is a terrace or a paved part of the garden, being able to lay the same travertine cladding used for the interior is a solution that guarantees stylistic continuity and design coherence. If also visually connected through large glass openings, the inside-outside continuity offers a result both of great impact and of pleasant harmony in the continuity of the spaces.

In this realisation to create harmonised indoor and outdoor areas, the architect and client chose STRIATED ROMAN TRAVERTINE in the POLISHED finish. The counter cut of the travertine defines sophisticated contrasts and brown and grey streaks alternating with hazelnut beige to create trendy veins.

With the help of SENINI STONE professionals, the designer is supported in the choice of the most suitable finish and in meeting the specific laying criteria for each product and environment. SENINI STONE floors respond to the aesthetic and functional needs of those who wish to create modern coordinated spaces, characterised by continuity between inside and outside, while meeting the requirements of durability, safety and technical reliability in specific applications and uses. SENINI STONE natural stone floors are also easy to clean, natural and environmentally sustainable.

The travertine outdoor floors, with an aesthetics coordinated with the indoor floors, available in different sizes and finishes, are suitable for all spaces of daily living: in floors, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathroom floors in residential contexts and commercial spaces.