Senini patinated brushed classic Botticino

Interior in Patinated Botticino 40×40

“The brushed marble PATINATED SENINI is mechanically worked, in a totally natural way, with abrasive brushes that make the surface slightly carved, satin, velvety and soft to the touch and suitable for creating extremely pleasant and welcoming interior floors.
Ancient floor tiles polished by time and use are reproduced by surface processing in PATINATED SENINI STONE. Tiles with a slightly undulating surface, where the natural veining of the stone is highlighted, creating a velvety effect with translucent reflections. PATINATED SENINI STONE is an elegant solution for interiors and easy maintenance.
Available sizes:
10×10 –30,5×30,5 – 30,5×61 – 30,5×91,5 – 40×40
10×30,5 – 15 x free lengths – 15×61 – 30,5 x free lengths– 10/20/30,5 x free lengths
Standard thickness 1 cm. Other sizes on request.