Polished marble

Floors and wall coverings, indoor and outdoor, can be made from modules of measurement and standard format or with special measurements, also called CASELLARIO, with slabs cut to perfect size in the laboratory, they are wall coverings created specifically and exclusively for the room or environment where they are to be laid.
Our experience allows us to realize tailor-made projects in which we produce tailor-made flooring and coverings, cut to size, according to the design and architectural needs of our clients. The working process to create a custom-made floor starts from the choice of material based on the chromatic and architectural needs of the client, the relief on the site, the selection of suitable slabs and the materials are cut to size in such a way as to make the environment unique and prestigious. Finally, the material is laid by professional and specialized staff.
The cladding of a marble wall makes it unique. Bathrooms are the rooms where it is customary to cover the walls with marble, stones or onyx. As for the flooring, the laying of slabs made to measure, can be worked with open stain, making the cladding a work of art.

In the pictures: EMPERADOR AND CREAM MARFIL POLISHED THK. 2 CM. Floor and curved covering on design with decor. Covering composed of shaped base, plate, inlaid decoration with hydrojet and shaped closing strip. All tailor-made. Shower tray excavated and top washed with washbasin underfloor to measure. Columns, capital and trabeation monolithic.

Aesthetic continuity between walls enhanced by custom-cut slabs.

Thanks to the large size of the slabs, the presence of joints is significantly reduced and the surfaces thus offer a pleasant effect of aesthetic continuity.

Relief and casing for customised formats.