Hammered garda Botticino stave

The dotted surface makes the marble non-slip, ideal for solariums and swimming pool edges.

Botticino is a prestigious and unique marble, known and appreciated all over the world, it has a very fine grain with a neutral beige background colour with small golden veins.
Extracted in the area east of Brescia, in the village of Botticino and neighbouring villages, it has an ancient origin formed between 60 and 190 million years ago by the process of sedimentation, cementification and recrystallization of limestone silt in a lagoon sea in the Mesozoic. At the time the tropical climate hosted organisms that have become fossilized and today they are a peculiarity of marble.
The loot has been mined for over two thousand years and was used by the Romans for the construction of the Roman Forum. More recently, the Botticino has been used in architectural masterpieces around the world, such as the construction of the Altar of the Fatherland in Rome, the White House in Washington, the Statue of Liberty and the Great Central Station in New York.
The Botticino, in addition to being undeniably beautiful and valuable, has particularly favourable technical characteristics: remarkable compactness, low porosity and absorption values and a remarkable resistance to compression, bending and wear. For all these reasons it is perfect for almost all applications. Indoors it is used to create floors, wall coverings, window sills and balconies and furnishings such as tables in the living room. It is also perfect for outdoor environments, since it is endowed with a remarkable strength and is therefore used for stairs, cladding and details of terraces and gardens.
Its neutral colour makes it perfectly matchable with neutral colours such as white, cream and turtle grey as well as with brighter colours such as black, red and dark grey.
The Botticino is appreciated in different finishes such as the TUMBLED for a matte floor with antique warmth and Provencal charm shabby chic, the SHINY because the sanding enhances the characteristics of shine, the PATINATED which enhances the veins by digging them slightly with the brush, the SPLITTER with the rough aspect of the quarry split ideal for wall coverings both indoors and outdoors or the HAMMERED which can be realized with different bocciarde and dots creating textures. or modern.
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