Freedom Multisize Brushed Travertine

TRAVERTINO FREEDOM “free to put it anywhere” combines Aesthetics and Functionality.

Ideal for both floor and wall coverings with a true materiality and a sanitised tactile surface reflects contemporary style. Extensive possibilities for use and for creating different compositional solutions thanks to the three variable depth formats, so-called “free lenght” in heights: 20 cm, 30 cm and 40 cm.

The bathroom is certainly a room in the house whose furnishings must be looked after down to the last detail. It is certainly an extremely used room and therefore subject to wear and tear, but precisely for this reason it needs all the attention it can get. Attention that also translates into an eye for aesthetics. The marble shower tray is one of those design elements that lend character and prestige.

By choosing TRAVERTINO FREEDOM SENINI STONE floor and wall tiles, you can give your bathroom personality with a contemporary touch. The warm, sand-coloured, light beige travertine tones of this material are able to revolutionise the aesthetic impact of a modern décor, giving each a relaxing, pleasant and welcoming final effect.

Marble shower trays made of TRAVERTINO FREEDOM are furnishing objects that manage to combine their functionality with exceptional aesthetic beauty. The cloudy nuances of this material make the shower tray a stylish component in the bathrooms of fine residential flats or modern hotels. Marble, on the other hand, is a stone of timeless fascination, much appreciated since the days of ancient Rome in all its shapes and colours. Today, it is also chosen for contexts such as small home spa, dedicated to personal relaxation and incredibly elegant.

On the subject of marble colours, there is also a wide range of choice for the shower tray, and the most popular types and colours are either the continuity of the material with the rest of the floor or, on the other hand, the creation of a shower body consisting of shower tray and wall covering in a single colour that stands out from the rest and becomes the protagonist.

Marble is an elegant product in all its variations. As far as the colour of travertine is concerned, the choice of a Travertino Classico Romano is certainly an excellent solution, but depending on the project and personal requirements, other colours such as the hazel of Travertino San Peter or the brown of Travertino Noce could also be indicated.