Driveway entrance – grey stone and ticino pebble

– GREY STONE ANTIQUED 40 X 60 – 20 X 40

Natural stone for outdoor use.

SENINI STONE manufactures and supplies natural stone flooring with qualified, specialized and competent staff, in a short time, realizing standard products of high beauty at reasonable prices.
The creative ability, typical of the Made in Italy know-how, together with a competent technical staff, are the strong point of the company SENINI STONE which is able to answer every need “”in stone”” of the client. One stop shop. One stop shop.

The company SENINI STONE, based in Montichiari Brescia, supplies flooring, cladding in natural stone, such as marble and travertine, finished, ready to be installed, with a Made in Italy design of high quality; valuable products that increase the aesthetic value of the structures, both residential and commercial, as well as of the hospitality, thus favoring the welcome and improving the sustainability of the home / environment / interior and exterior design, improving the comfort. Being able to customize the product on project, the customer with SENINI STONE has a single point of contact for all stone products.