Botticino natural stone in country chic style

Antique marble flooring is ideal for bright and cosy rooms in a Provencal style that favours wood, stone and wrought iron as materials and earthy colours and natural tones.

Botticino marble flooring in the Opus Romanum multi-sizes is 100% natural, sustainable, recyclable and without any harmful emissions into the air. Botticino marble is also a floor manufactured in Italy 100% Made in Italy by SENINI STONE professionals who have been working in the marble and travertine sector for more than 30 years.

Opus Romanum multi-sizes is a versatile, unique and satisfying floor covering. The best known is the 15 cm module, while the largest contemporary version is the format in multiples of 20 cm up to the rectangular 40×60 cm. Matching the natural stone floor made of the same material is the full thickness kitchen top. And it is perfect to adopt a chic and elegant country house style or vintage with stone walls.

Further information in the catalogue “TUMBLED AND ANTIQUED DOMUS TILES”.