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From the selection of the BLOCKS to the sawing of the SLABS.

Breccia Sarda Tigrata Extra selection.

Quality and professionalism in customer service

The management of the production process, from the choice of the blocks, directly in the quarry, the care in the realization of finishing, allows to obtain the SENINI STONE’ products QUALITY.


Material description:

Breccia Sarda Daino Imperiale – Daino Reale

Compact dolomitic limestone constituted by brown dolomites and sandstone limestones, followed by stratified clear limestones, sometimes of light brown color. Also called Veined Imperial Daino or Sardinian Breach, it has a chromatic aspect characterized by the typical linear or oblique veins, containing Jurassic-cretaceous sea fossils. It is extracted in Sardinia, Italy. Natural marble extracted from the same block may have different colour shades and/or veins. Colours differences must be considered as a typical characteristic.

Good availability. High colour variation. Specific weight 2640 kg/m3

  • * TIGRATO: Breccia sarda tigrata
  • * BRECCIA VANIGLIA: Breccia perlata – perlino – Fiocco.




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