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The natural abrasion that water produces on the stones is reproduced using special machinery to obtain a special antique finish: the TUMBLED SENINI STONE.
Bowls with an antique flavour, with a smooth surface and rounded and irregular edges: suitable for indoor and outdoor flooring. The tumbled series offers various formats and sizes, complete with decorations and special pieces that allow you to personalize environments by giving them a warm and welcoming style. Available sizes: 5×5 – 10×10 – 15×15 – 20×20 – 30.5×30.5 – 40×40 – 2.5×10 – 15×30.5 – 30.5×61 – 40×60, Opus mod. 15 cm (15×15 – 15×30.5 – 30.5×30.5 – 30.5×45.7), Opus mod. 20 cm (20×20 – 20×40 – 40×40 – 40×60). Standard thickness 1 cm. On request larger thicknesses.

  • Natural marble extracted from the same block may have different colour shades and/or veins. Colours differences must be considered as a typical characteristic.
  • The product and material pictures are indicative.


ROSSO ASIAGO Fine-grained compact limestone of dark red background with lighter flint nodules, containing Jurassic-Cretaceous marine fossils and veins called stilolites. It is quarried in the Veneto region in the plateau of the same name. Natural marble extracted from the same block may have different colour shades and/or veins. Colours differences must be considered as a typical characteristic. Good availability- Specific weight 2715 kg/m3
15X15 format 1 cm thick, TUMBLED finish

Purchase unit: box of 23 pcs = 0.52 sqm

On request BRUSHING for Domus finish (Tumbled + Brushed): surcharge excluded to be quoted.

  • Application and indications of use: antique tiles in natural stone with rounded and irregular edges: suitable for both internal and external flooring and for cladding. It will be good for the flooring of an entrance, a living room or a bathroom, for the swimming pool floor or other outdoor settings in antique marble. It will be good for the covering of a kitchen or a bathroom. To lay with suitable glue on a right laying surface and to fill in after laying. Optionally at the end if you desire to revive the color and/or to protect surface you will treat it with a water-oil-repellent protection wet effect. Remember to clean with neutral, non-acidic products.
  • Type of packaging: in boxes on pallet. Packaging costs excluded. Boxes of 50 pcs each = 0,5 sqm per box. Or in protected boxes for orders of small quantities of material.
  • Availability: Product available. The shipment will be made within 72 hours of our confirmation for acceptance of your request. Closures or Holidays excluded.
  • It is recommended to add about 10% of scrap material
  • Prices: net, excluding VAT.
  • Pick-up at head office: free of charge. Costs for the packaging of products excluded, at cost.
  • Shipping: Shipping cost depends on the weight and the destination country.

Rosso Verona / Asiago is a marble of Italian origin that is a dark, vibrant red with numerous lighter and darker spots of color. It is a stone that is often combined with antiquing work, and it is easy to find it juxtaposed with flooring in Biancone, also called Bianco Perlino, or Botticino. Italian marble, very connected to tradition. A very deep and warm orange-red color for fine achievements. Possible realizations: Interior and exterior floors and wall coverings. Stairs, tables. Sinks, Kitchen Tops, Shower Trays. Finishes: Polished, honed, brushed, sandblasted, bush-hammered, waterjet and flamed. Red Marble (Rosso Asiago or Rosso Verona) is a particular Italian marble of remarkable quality, with colors varying: from light red to dark red, from bright-loaded red to a dull red-brown; this depends on several factors: the place where the block is quarried and the top or bottom of the quarry wall. Red marble is a strong, compact and elegant material. Used for both indoor (living room, bedrooms, kitchen, basement …) and outdoor environments (urban furnishings, paving of squares or sidewalks, outdoor furnishings and paving of houses, outdoor stairs and stairways, skirting boards, stone wall cladding) Antique Burattato processing, available in different sizes (10×10 – 15×15 – 20×20 – 30.5×30.5 – 40×40) is a widely used finish (mainly in rustic environments) for both indoor and outdoor.

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