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Giant CARRARA crazy paving thickness 2 cm: opus incertum with rounded edge

– Carrara crazy paving 2 cm thick rough tumbled

Ask about the various types of marble and travertine available in the “Big crazy paving” collection.



CARRARA Crystalline mass with medium-fine to coarse grain, white in color ranging from ivory to greyish with gray and/or yellow shades. It is extracted in Tuscany in the locality of the same name. Natural marble extracted from the same block may have different colour shades and/or veins. Colours differences must be considered as a typical characteristic. Good availability – Specific weight 2720 kg/m3
TUMBLED CRAZY PAVING large THK 2 CM Palladian flooring is composed of slivers of fine marble about 5-25 centimeters in size, irregular crushed and tumbled pieces that are supplied in bulk for later laying on a cement base. Between one fragment and another there remains a variable joint which is filled with suitable cement putty. In the bag you can find even smaller pieces that you can choose not to use. The edges are rounded by tumbling, which mimics the rolling of pebbles in the riverbed by softening the edges, giving the surface an even more natural appearance.
Purchase unit: 1 sq m (return about 1. 9 sq m per yard)
Minimum order 15 sq m = 1 big-bag = about 8 quintals
  • Application and instructions for use: Marble for both floors and walls to be laid with a suitable glue on a suitable laying surface, to be treated as desired to revive the color and/or for water-oil-repellent protection; clean with neutral, non-acidic products.
  • Packaging type: Bulk on pallet. Packaging costs excluded.
  • Availability: Product to be processed. The order will be completed in 2-3 weeks, closures or holidays excluded.
  • Prices: net, excluding VAT.
  • Pick-up at head office: free of charge.
  • Shipping: Shipping cost depends on the weight and the destination country.

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 2 cm