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Price list for marbles

Promotions in progress

The prices below represent only some of the possibilities of savings for our customers. But these are limited offers over time.

To get information or to fix one of the prices displayed, call now the number: +39 030 9650223.

List price:
75 €
Discounted price:
Price in stock:
Do you want to discover the most advantageous offers of the Senini Stone marble price list? Come and visit us in the store. We are in Montichiari in the province of Brescia and for years we have been dealing with the processing and installation of marble floors and walls. Taking the products in our warehouse and choosing from the price list, we will be able to offer you special and unique items. We are always available to our customers thanks to the necessary and competent technical support, but above all the advantageous costs. Consult the price list of our competitors' marbles, you will immediately realize the difference.
Do you want to renovate your apartment? Do you want to revolutionize the decor of your hotel? You can contact our company. Our marble slabs can embellish bathrooms, kitchens, rooms, lounges and open spaces. For more information and details on the price list for marbles and all products, we invite you to come and see us in the showroom. Stones of marbles and natural stones of all kinds, from travertine to tumbled, from shower trays to marble sinks. The qualified personnel of Senini Stone undertakes to provide explanations and support for the various solutions available in our marbles price list. Offices, showrooms, production and a large warehouse are all in Montichiari. For each custom project, you can request a complete list at any time.
Real business with the Senini stone marbles price list. With us the customer is spoiled for choice. Click together with our professionals all phases of craftsmanship. Thanks to the modern techniques and innovative knowledge of our experts we can work natural stones and marble in an incredible way. We are waiting for you.

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